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In today’s economy, “keeping it in the family” need not make sense all the time. Family-owned and -operated business may not always be profitable. They face unique challenges as there is little separating the dining table from the board room. Some of them are:-

  • Emotional: Family problems affect business. Divorce, separations, health or financial problems create difficult political situations for the family members
  • Informality: Absence of clear policies and business norms for family members. No documented plan or long term planning.
  • Vision: Each family member has a different vision of the business and different goals.
  • Generational Divide: Overly Conservative. Older family members try to preserve the status quo and resist change. Especially resistance to ideas and change proposed by the younger generation.
  • Growth Problems: Problems due to lack of capital and new investment or resistance to re-investment in the business.

We help clients with:-

  • Succession Planning: Most family organizations do not have a plan for handing the power to the next generation, leading to great political conflicts and divisions.
  • Business valuation: Deciding on the worth of the business and evaluating the factors that make it valuable or decrease its value.
  • Compensation Planning: Dividends, salaries, benefits and compensation for participating and non-participating family members.
  • Talent Management: Hiring and retaining the right kind of outside talent for the growth of business.
  • Retirement Planning: Long term planning to cover the necessities and realities of older members when they leave the company.
  • Exit strategy: Developing a plan on how to sell, close or walk away from the business.

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